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The NFT for the people of Ukraine

Ukraine needs us

Let us show support by displaying a virtual united front and sending crypto donations to charities supporting the Ukraine crisis.

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World Central Kitchen

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"WCK is grateful for the support! Thank you for helping us provide comforting meals to families in need"
"Thank you @istandwUKRnft for your generous, lifesaving support! Your donations will allow us to provide medical aid to Ukrainians in need. #HOPEforUkraine"

Food For Life Hungary

Check it out on the website

The FFL Hungary Ethereum address is static, and can be found at the bottom of their website, under Donations.

How does it work?

Full transparency. High security. No middlemen.

Donate and receive an NFT

Donate at any price starting from 0.05 ETH.
Unlimited NFTs available.

Donations are sent instantly to charities for Ukraine

Full transparency. 99% donated immediately to their Ethereum wallets. 1% is sent to the Impact3 Charity wallet. No middleman. No loss in international transaction fees. No foreign exchange rates.

Display your NFT.

Post it. Share it. Change your profile picture. Raise awareness to encourage more donations. Show support and solidarity with Ukraine.

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Impact3 exist to experiment, build, learn and impact the future of what work and play looks like. Technological oneness with billions of humans. The world is developing at breakneck speed. Populations, material desires, incessant requirement for natural resources. The key solution to cope with increasing human demands - is incredible innovation through Web3.

Partner Charities

Project Hope

Project HOPE is on the ground responding to the Ukraine crisis and is actively shipping essential medicines and medical supplies to assist Ukrainians

33% Donations

World Central Kitchen

WCK is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. We build resilient food systems with locally led solutions.

33% Donations

Food For Life

Since waves of refugees cross the Hungarian border fleeing from Ukraine, ISKCON Hungary starts to actively participate in helping those displaced in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

33% Donations


Impact3 was founded with the goal of building, learning, and impacting the future. The Impact3 charity pool receives 1% of all donations. Impact3 will run a voting event every 50.000 Discord users, allowing the community to vote on a charity where the proceeds will go to.

1% Donations

Solidarity with the Citizens of Ukraine 🇺🇦

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